Best CCTV Services in Mangalore


Best CCTV Services in Mangalore

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) camera system deals with capturing the visual information and transmission of that data over the cables to the recorder. It has the ability to work 24 hours continuously. It's majorly used for investigation and prevention of crime. CCTV is therefore used for security purposes.

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Major things you need to know before the CCTV Installation

Installing the CCTV camera is not enough to protect yourself, here are some things which you should be prior to protect your region with closed- circuit TV cameras

1. Deciding how you’ll be monitoring the system

2. Determining the number of Closed Circuit Television Cameras required

3. Positioning the CCTV cameras

4. Placing the DVR/NVR

5. Deciding on power backup of CCTV Camera

6. Testing the CCTV Camera system

7. Maintaining the CCTV-cameras

Excellent Customer Support:

At  AITSUN Technologies, customer service is our top priority. We understand getting a CCTV security service for your home isn’t a small investment, which is why our team is always available to answer any questions or concerns.

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