Meaning: Networking is also known as computer networking, it is the exchanging between nodes over a shared medium in an information system.

The main 4 Types of networking

1. LAN (Local Area Network) 

2. WAN (Wireless Area Network) 

3. PAN (Personal Area Network) 

4. MAN (Metropolitan Area Network)

In networking, people or groups get in touch and exchange information in order to develop mutually beneficial relationships, or share information between computers.

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Network Topologies:

The topology of a network can be categorized into two types: physical and logical.

Physical topology refers to the layout of connections and nodes in a network.

A logical network topology describes how a network is configured, including how nodes connect and data is transferred. There are several types of topologies.

Network Node:

A computer network is a system of computers and computing devices that are connected via communication links. These links allow the computers and other devices to send information over the network.

What does network node do?

There are nodes in a network that send, store, or create information. A link or communication channel connects the nodes. Computer networks may use cable, fiber optic, or wireless connections.

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